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Question and Answer

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Q : Is it true that we may be cheated or blackmailed by a private detective?
A : True, some clients told us that they have had this kind of experience.

Q : How do they cheat?
A :

1. They intentionally cheating by asking for deposit money for nothing in progress, not even thinking of any action, but instead trying to sell information to the targets, or blackmail the clients.

2. Unintentionally cheating but they are in capable of fulfill the assignment because of lack of knowledge, in competenced, lack of good equipment; thus they lie to their clients until the clients get tired and give up finally.

Q : I would like to hire a private detective but am afraid of cheating and blackmailing. How should I do?
A : Basically, you should:

1. Try to hire a detective firm who has a formal form of business entity is registered with the ministry of commerce with a precise business objective statement of doing detective business.

2. Check if the firm has long track of doing this business; should be at least 3-5 years.

3. Check if the firm has good credit, aproven success record, including the managements experience.

4. Talk to their employees or a responsible person to find out the conceptual advice. For example, they may grant 100% guarantee, etc. (There is no investigation in the world that can give a hundred percent guarantee.).

5. Try to meet your detective agent at his office. If he wants to meet you outside and claims to be granting you convenience, unless you would want them to see you at your place.

6. Do not hire a detective agent at the lowest price. Detective jobs involve unique aspects. They may offer a low price because they may have no intention of fulfilling the job after receiving your deposit.

Q : Will the target be aware of the investigation which would have a bad effect on the client?
A : The chance that the target may be aware depends on different aspects:

– Some kinds of investigation like surveillance on difficult location requires much time and continuation.

– Some experienced targets may be easily aware of the investigation because there is no other way to get the information except by taking the risky option, which would easily enable the target to be aware.

– Target’s behavior is so unique that the detective may have to choose observable and unusual practices. Such as driving at unusual speed, etc.

– Clients show some indication to the targets verbally and non-verbally; in some cases even threaten the target.

In all cases, detectives will never tell or admit, anything unless the target has suspicion. Thus, bad results may possibly be a consequence of different surrounding aspects. For example, relationship between Clients & Targets, targets discerning and/or behaviors, of how much the information is affect to the targets.

Q : What policy do you have to keep the clients’ secret?
A :

1. Normally, our detective manager will be the only one who hears your information. Especially if the contact is made via telephone. We do have anti-tapping system.

2. Our field detective staff will only know the tailored information for each assignment, without knowing who the client is.

3. Our policy is to treat both your information and the targets information as top secret. This is the first criterion of our recruitment, training, and evaluation system. If we find that information has leaked from any staff member, he/she will be immediately fired and charged by a lawsuit.

4. We do have a very strict policy with rules & regulations to be seriously practiced in order to protect all secret information.

5. We invest in expensive high quality equipment with advanced technology and have high security and self-detection system, thus making it difficult to be copied or dubbed by unauthorized staff.

6. Personal code will be assigned to each client to use when you contact us; none of our staff apart from the detective manager would know whom you are.

7. Moreover, you could also hire us without your identification.

Q : How would I know if the detective I hire is capable of the task?
A : It is not too difficult to monitor. For example, in some behavioral observation investigation of a target that you see everyday, you may try you detective of the dressing style and color the target was wearing in each day or the vehicle that the target rides. For other types of investigation, like manufacturing of fake goods or copy-write violation, you could possibly analyze from the job progress report given to you with other evidences e.g. videotape, cassette tape, etc. (please see more detail in ‘How to hire’).

Q : What kind of information do I need to provide when I decide to hire a detective?
A :

1. For behavioral observation, find lost person; photograph a person or personal status, these kinds of information required:

– Targets physical attributes, age, height, complexion, other special marks including a photograph (if any), except when the target is a well-known person.

– Type of vehicle (brand, class, color, plate number and other special characteristics, e.g. sticker, antenna, etc.)

– Targets residential or working location including former residence, former office and details which help identify the place easily.

– General behavior of the target; e.g. office day/hours, routine/regular activities, including other information that may be helpful.

– Your precise objectives of the investigation; e.g: you want to know a persons sexual behavior or an employees professional/working behavior or other work/business that may conflict with the employers business.

2. For other type of investigation, such as copy-write violation, corruption in the organization or complicated investigation that requires multiple methods of work.

– You should provide as much detail as possible. You may use a fake target name and place before you make your decision, then tell the true name/place later when committed to hire. In this case, your detective manager will ask you to clarify more information and detail because the service charge is really up to the complexity and method of investigation involved.

Q : When the client hires a detective because of suspiction in the targets behavior, or because of the having been affected by target behavior, does the result of the investigation always turn out as suspected?
A :

1. In the case of observing behavior of a person in both personal matters and professional matters, 95% turns out as suspected but information may be different.

2. For the case of copy-write violation and corruption in the organization, it turns out100% as suspected because the employee has found the sign of damage before hiring detective.

Q : What is your success rate?
A : Clients understand and identify the definition of success with their detective. For example, when the result turns out different from the clients suspicion, the client might feel that he had spent money for nothing even though evidence shows the track of investigation, but for the detective, this is success. This is to say that detectives are responsible for finding facts for client, not the information that suits the clients suspicion.

However, our success rate is approaching 100%. This is because before we commit the assignment from clients, we always analyze the chance of success. We do not commit to ‘Mission Impossible’.

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