Keeping in mind that there are various investigation types. You may not realize that there are other effective methods to consider. One method may fit well with your particular case but not others. Therefore, if you feel that it is necessary to conduct an investigation it may not be the most effective way if you begin the investigation by yourself without professional help. Friends and family are not always a reliable resource concerning a serious investigation.

In a professional investigation, there may be conditions that hinder your work such as having limited resources and equipment can hinder your own investigation. These conditions can be the lack of professional investigator team, investigation equipment, the timing of the investigation, social status, limited time, or limited funds. We don’t recommend you ask for advice from people who lack experience. You should; however, after basic research for a reputable private investigation company, seek professional advice. You may consult your situation with an investigation company and let them plan your investigation and have them inform you about the expenses without having to reveal your identity. You may find this new information familiar or different than what you have in mind. You can use this information to make a better judgement about who to hire for a private investigation. You should consider the investigation plan, expenses, and safety when hiring a private investigator.

Bangkok Detective Co.,Ltd. registered with the Ministry of Commerce since January 20, 1989. Since then we have experience conducting numerous private investigations for more than 26 years and we understand that the client may have some hesitation regarding hiring a private investigator. It is unlike hiring other professionals to do a job for you. Some clients may be scared of being scammed or blackmailed from a private investigation company. Therefore, our company makes our fees public. We have set a standard pricing for similar cases such as cases where we conduct surveillance of a person of interest. We can estimate the cost of these cases because we schedule the same amount of equipment and investigators. For this reason, we can specify our standard price on those cases. However, there are many forms of investigation that may be different for each individual case. There may be investigation types which the prices are not listed. Please don’t hesitate to consult with us regarding fees for your specific case. We only need to discuss basic circumstances of your case and your objectives. We can inform you about the specific fees after we discuss basic information.

If you have any questions regarding your case or need more information about our company please contact us by:

    1. Phone: the number as stated on our website such as (66) 02-434-4526, (66) 02-435-664, (66) 02-424-0573
    2. Email: Inquiry through our website contact system or you can send us an email at detective@bangkokdetective.com, info@bangkokdetective.com  from your email account
    3. Mail: to our office address indicated on this website
    4. Fax: number as indicated on this website
    5. Visit our office: the address is located on this website. Please make an appointment in advance so they will be a representative there to answer your question.

We do not assign our investigator or someone to meet with you outside of the office to prevent fraud from them. We only assign the manager to discuss your case with you; therefore, protecting your privacy.