1. The client reveals himself/herself OR the client identify himself/ herself

The client voluntary identify himself/herself to our company (We will not reveal your identity to a third party). The Client can make half of the payment before the beginning of an investigation and pay the remaining amount at the end of the investigation. To do so, the client must come in and sign the agreement form at our main office by using a government issued ID or Passport to identify yourself. If the client is out of the country and unable to visit our office the client must pay in full prior to the starting of an investigation.

2. The client does not want to reveal himself OR the client does not want to identify himself/herself

The client who does not wish to reveal himself/herself, or does not wish to make a contact, or does not want to come into our office must pay all the fees in full at the time when the client makes an agreement with our company.

3. Methods of Payment

- Pay cash at our office

- Transfer the funds into Bangkok Bank Co., Ltd. Bangkhunnont Branch, Swift Code BKKBTHBK, Account number 190-3-01232-4, Account Name Anantadej Watanawiboon. Then send us a Bank’s receipt copy.

- International money transfer company such as Western Union, and Money Gram. Then send us the following information: sender’s name, sender’s country, and control number.

4. Investigation report

- Depending on the circumstances, there might be a daily report at the end of each investigation day or if there are special activities involving our investigation that the client needs to be aware of. This information will be reported through phone, email, skype, and phone applications such as Line and WhatsApp according to the agreement with the client.

-The client must pay the remaining fees in full before receiving the complete investigation reports.

5. The report delivering methods

- The client may pick up the report at our office.

- Our company may arrange a delivery within a reasonable distance, to be determined by our company.

- Our company sends the report via EMS or FedEx in the case which the client located is far from the company and is unavailable to pick up the report or the DVD containing pictures and videos of the investigation (The client have to pay for the FedEx).

- Our company sends reports through email, Skype, Facebook or phone application such as Line or WhatsApp.

- Our company sends reports via fax machine.